1T Steel Pallet 580x1165mm

A Pallet Racking System simply provides an extremely flexible storage solution for your warehousing needs!
Omni-tuff Steel Pallets provide adequate storage and transportation solutions for your heavy goods and products, at-sea storage, long-term outdoor storage, and as well as for air freight.

Omni-tuff Steel Pallet Gal Grated 1165mmx580mm is painted to prevent rust with 1 tonne capacity that comes with four tie down points for optimal security of your assets. Compared to other steel counterparts like wood or aluminum, it is very durable and not subjected to rotting, splitting, or getting cracked. It has a steel grill mesh top design that makes stacking extremely space efficient and organised. Omni-tuff Steel Pallets are easier to clean, offering a high level of sanitation to your warehouse or storage spaces.

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OMNI-TUFF Steel Pallet Gal Grated 1165mmx580mm Painted 1 Tonne Capacity c/w 4 x Tie Down Points

Item Code: 13-PSGG0580