6T Steel Pallet 2330X1500mm

Steel is a synonym of the words “strength”, “durability”, and “power”. The Omni-tuff Pallet Steel 2330x1500mm with a 6-tonne capacity is one of Omni-tuff’s most reliable and durable products. It is an engineered steel pallet, painted yellow, with four (4) tie down points for stacking. This has a steel grid mesh top, offering more strength upon stacking while in warehouse storage or transit. This is suitable to use in storing or transporting heavy machinery be it in industrial or automotive categories. It is highly resistant to damage and can handle items up to 6 tonnes. This steel pallet is riveted, and not screwed to ensure endurance and strength. This product is designed to last for longer use and can be repaired easily or customize to suit your company requirements.

To inquire about this superman among the steel pallets, contact our sales representatives at sales@omnituff.com.


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OMNI-TUFF Steel Pallet Grated 2330mmx1500mmx250mm Painted 6 Tonne Capacity c/w 8 x 3T Tie Down/Lift

Item Code: 13-PSGG2330/1500/6T