3T Steel Pallet 2330X1165mm

Storing, transporting, and stacking heavy products can be a little tricky if you do not have the right packaging solutions. Metal packaging such as steel pallets can be very compatible with storing and transporting heavy equipment like automotive, industrial, post and parcel, and other applications. Omni-tuff Steel Pallet Gal Grated 2330mmx1165mm with 6 tie down points has a steel grid mesh that adds to the durability and stability of the pallet stacking. It can carry up to 3000kg of load which makes it highly-resistant to damage. It is forkliftable and does well in automated material handling systems that makes organizing easier. The Omni-tuff Steel Pallet with 3 Tonne Capacity is painted, easy to sanitize, and as well as non-absorptive. To ensure its durability and longevity, the pallets are riveted and not screwed, so unlike the other available pallets in the market, it is designed to be easily repaired or customized.

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Omni-tuff’s Rated Steel Pallet range are designed make CoR compliance and safety both easier and more efficient. If you are frustrated or challenged by how to store and transport heavy, critical spares correctly, then investigate this further.

  • CoR Compliant and Logistics Engineered
  • Stock readily available
  • 3T WLL Rating
  • Large bolting and chocking accessories range to make for effective restraint to the pallet
  • Rated tie down lugs for restraint
  • Rated grid mesh surface to assist in safe restraint of equipment
  • Bulk produced and engineered, reducing cost compared to custom transport frames

OMNI-TUFF Steel Pallet Gal Grated 2330mmx1165mm Painted 3 Tonne Capacity c/w 6 x Tie Down Points
Item Code: 13-PSGG2330