International Stillage 800mmH

Omni-tuff’s Shield International Pallet Stillage is ideal for bulk storage and handling purposes. It has half fold-down gates, allowing anyone an easy access even when stacked. For added durability, it is designed to have anti-tipping bars, mesh sides, and a sheet flooring. Handling and transporting should be easy as it is stackable and can be moved by using a pallet jack or a forklift. This pallet stillage is galvanised to protect the steel from rusting or corrosion. A lockable lid is an available option for this product.

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OMNI-TUFF Shield Collapsible International Pallet Stillage, Galvanised, Stackable, 4 way Pallet Racking Compatible, Anti-Tipping Bars, Half Fold Down Gates, Mesh Sides, Sheeted Floor, Pallet Jack/Forklift Compatible 1125mmWx1125mmDx1000mmExt (800mm Int.H)

LOCKABLE LID – Optional Extra

Item Code: 13-PSS800C/INT