International Stillage 1420mmH

Omni-tuff offers a highly durable, economical International Stillage Solution that can be transported by forklift or pallet trolley, and is stackable. This cage is your friend for storing pallets – its oversized body allows for an Australian standard pallet to be inserted inside without any unpacking of product! It’s collapsibility also makes for quick dismantling for safe keeping and storage when not in use. It has anti-tipping bars, two removable half-fold down gates, and one half-fold lockable lid suited to fit in shipping containers, as well as mesh sides, sheeted flooring, and has a hot dip galvanised finish.


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OMNI-TUFF Shield Collapsible Stillage to fit an Australian Standard Pallet inside, Galvanised, Stackable, Pallet Racking Compatible, Anti-Tipping Bars, Removable Gates, Mesh Sides, Sheeted Floor, Pallet Jack/Forklift Compatible 1420mmWx1420mmDx1000mmExt (800mm Int Cage H)

Item Code: 13-PSS800C/1420