Dispenser PET/Steel Mobile

Because of our commitment and extensive expertise and experience into providing our clients the most efficient industrial supplies, we offer our clients this Portable Strapping Dispenser that is best for low volume, mobile strapping. It has a large tool tray for storage of strapping tool and large wheels for mobility even on rough terrain. This Strapping Dispenser is suitable for 12-32mm PET and Steel Strap. This is made using a steel frame which makes it more durable and sturdy and is designed to withstand the tough conditions of any warehouse. This Strapping Dispenser is ideal for keeping any warehouse environment safe and tidy by reducing tripping hazards.

SKU: 03-PSD1


SKU: 03-PSD1 Category:


PET/Steel Strap Dispenser (Mill Wound)

Item Code: 03-PSD1


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  • Mobile – Efficient storage of strap
  • Large tool tray for storage of strapping tool (Omni-tuff ITA Tool)
  • Large wheels deliver mobility even on rough terrain
  • Suitable for 19mm PET Strap
  • Suitable for 12-32mm Steel Strap (mill wound)
  • Sturdy steel frame & construction