Seal’n’Peel OGS 4L

Seal’n’Peel OGS is an easy-to-peel, fast-drying, surface protection product developed by Omni-tuff for the protection of your critical spares. This item contains four (4) liters of Seal’n’Peel that is brushable on many types of metallic surfaces including machine metal surfaces, stainless steel, or face of a flange. This product can be simply removed and peeled-off by hand leaving no residue on the material upon installation.

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Seal’n’Peel OGS (4L/tin) Brushable – Stainless Steel Friendly (Dangerous Goods)

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Item Code: 04-SNPOGS/4


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Stainless Steel Friendly


4L Tin

It is a heavy-duty, impervious, strippable coating for mainly external applications as a heavy-duty membrane for protection against weather, staining, acid and alkalis, water marking, scratching, paint & plaster splash etc

4VAP System

This simplistic 4 step preservation process is designed to be both flexible and multifunctional. Certain users choose to use only some of the steps, while others utilise the complete process.

Speak to the OMNI-TUFF Team as to your specific needs and a tailor-made solution will be designed for you.

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