Seal’n’Peel OGS 1 Quart US

Omni-tuff has developed an effective and affordable surface protection on all multi-metals, a heavy-duty protective coating product that is Seal’n’Peel—ready to paint on when you need it and peel off at installation.

Why do we recommend using Seal’n’Peel? Seal’n’Peel is a product developed to protect your assets from corrosion during long-term storage in warehouse or in transit. It can be used on many types of metallic surfaces including the face of a flange, machine metal surfaces or stainless steel. With only 2-3 coating applications, your valuable goods are sure to be kept away from moisture and rust. This can also be peeled off by hand, leaving no amount of residue upon actual installation time.

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OMNI-TUFF Seal’n’Peel OGS (1 Quart/tin) Brush-on/Spray-on Strippable Protective Coating (Dangerous Goods – UN No. 1263; Packing Group II)

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Item Code: 04-SNPOGS/1Q.UT

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