Seal’n’Peel OGS 1 Pint US

Seal’n’Peel is a non-toxic, non-carninogenic surface protection product that is effective to use to prevent corrosion of metallic goods including stainless steel, brass, and other alloys. Seal’n’Peel can be brushed on in 2-3 coats and can be sprayed on using a pressure pot or airless sprayer. On the actual installation time, you can already peel it off easily by hand, leaving no residue on its surface.

Why should you use Seal’n’Peel in your metallic assets? Seal’n’Peel simply eliminates oxygen on the surface, absolutely ensuring rust-free results.  This product will help you save thousands of dollars by simply preventing rework and preparation of critical spares if other products or oils are utilised.

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OMNI-TUFF Seal’n’Peel OGS (1 Pint/tin) Brush-on/Spray-on Strippable Protective Coating (Dangerous Goods – UN No. 1263; Packing Group II)

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Item Code: 04-SNPOGS/1P.UT

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