Seal’n’Peel 452 4L Brushable

  • Brushable
  • 4L Tin
  • It is a heavy-duty, impervious, strippable coating for mainly external applications as a heavy-duty membrane for protection against weather, staining, acid and alkalis, water marking, scratching, paint & plaster splash etc
  • Peelable: Easily peeled away when item is required again
  • Durable: Ideal for protecting metal products for long periods of time in extreme weather conditions
  • Fast drying: saves time and the product is sealed immediately
  • Non-seepage: this product provides the ultimate barrier for protection, no moisture will penetrate through
  • Non-residue: minimal cleaning required of the metal product once the Seal’n’Peel has been peeled away

4VAP System

This simplistic 4 step preservation process is designed to be both flexible and multifunctional. Certain users choose to use only some of the steps, while others utilise the complete process.

Speak to the OMNI-TUFF Team at as to your specific needs and a tailor-made solution will be designed for you.

Price will be available upon request.

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Seal’n’Peel 452 (4L/tin)

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