YDB7 Breather 10.5kg Gel Capacity

The YDB7 Breather 10.5kg Gel Capacity is only one of the wide range of options of the Omni-tuff Breathers. This can contain up to 10.5kg of eGel that is made from a non cobalt-based material that helps monitor moisture. It is environment friendly and made up of non-carcinogenic raw materials, making it a safer choice in moisture monitoring in the industry. This product comes with an eGel and as well as an Oil Bath.

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YDB7 Breather 10.5kg Gel Capacity c/w e-Gel

Item Code: 09-YDB7


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  • 10.5kg Gel Capacity
  • Filled with e-Gel indicating Orange to Green
  • Sheath
  • Oil bath