YDB5 Breather 4.6kg Gel Capacity

The Omni-tuff Breather series comes in many different options. This product, the YDB5 Breather 4.6kg Gel Capacity, can hold up to 4.6kg eGel. The eGel serves as a moisture indicator, of which turning the orange eGel to green upon moisture penetration. Our eGel, a non-cobalt based indicator that monitors moisture, is composed of a non-carcinogenic material and is environmentally friendly.

For more information about this product, a downloadable brochure is provide below. For help in quotation, send us an email at sales@omnituff.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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YDB5 Breather 4.6kg Gel Capacity c/w e-Gel

Item Code: 09-YDB5


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  • 4.6kg Gel Capacity
  • Filled with e-Gel indicating Orange to Green
  • Oil bath