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Heat Gun Kit – Premium

Heat Guns are versatile tools as these may be used in a lot of ways other than Shrink Wrapping and Heat Shrink Tubing. Some customers use Heat Guns for Desoldering many attachments as it is easier to direct the heat to one component. Heat Guns can also be used in Paint Drying as it can dramatically decrease the waiting time for the paint to dry.

This Premium Heat Gun Kit can do all these and it comes with a patented cold touch nozzle, a pressure regulator, a swivel connector, a wrench, and comes with a storage case to make your work more efficient and your tools secure upon safe-keeping.

If you have any other inquiries as to how you may want to customize your warehouse, our friendly staff at Omni-tuff will be happy to get in touch with you.

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Premium Heat Gun Kit LPG c/w Storage Case; Pressure Regulator; 8m Hose; Swivel Connector; Wrench

Item Code: 03-RP3000