e-Gel Bags 500g Orange w/ Observation Window

Omni-tuff is serious at helping you prevent product wastage! These 500g e-Gel Silica Gel Sachets can be used as a drying agent for packaging and protecting shipped goods against condensation. Each sachet of e-Gel Silica Gel is capable of absorbing up to approximately 30% of its own weight of water. The beads are impregnated with safe organic indicator which changes colour as the dessicant becomes saturated.

This product also comes in other sizes: 100g and 1000g, just let us know what you need and we will happily help you out with your preservation requirements. Send an email to Omni-tuff today or use our chat support below.

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e-Gel bags 500g Indicating Orange to Green Silica Gel with observation window (24/pack)

Item Code: 09-SEG500G


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  • Observation Window
  • Orange to Green Silica gel desiccant (eGel)
  • It will adsorb moisture vapour whilst remaining dry to touch. The surface area and structure of the desiccant particles will influence the rate of moisture adsorption. The amount of moisture adsorbed will depend on the quality of desiccant employed. If the desiccant is dried out again the indicator will revert to its original colour.
  • Changes colour to indicate product activity

4VAP System

This simplistic 4 step preservation process is designed to be both flexible and multifunctional. Certain users choose to use only some of the steps, while others utilise the complete process.

Speak to the OMNI-TUFF Team as to your specific needs and a tailor-made solution will be designed for you.