e-Gel Bags 1kg Orange w/ Observation Window

Here’s to an excellent way to protect your products against moisture. This 1-kg Silica Gel e-Gel pack is great to use to prevent your goods from moisture when in long-term storage or transit. It has an observation window where you can monitor the change in colour from orange to dark green when moisture begins to penetrate. This 1-kg pack of Silica Gel e-Gel will adsorb moisture vapour whilst remaining dry to touch.

Also available in 100g and 500g sachets. Speak to the Omni-tuff Team as to your specific requirements so a tailor-made solution will be done for you.



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e-Gel bags 1000g (1kg) Indicating Orange to Green Silica Gel with observation window (12/pack)

Item Code: 09-SEG1000G


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