The Omni-tuff Restrain Series: Industrial Strapping Solutions

The Omni-tuff Restrain series is a range of products that provide solutions to gear strapping. There are three main options, as follows:


  • PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
  • Polywoven
  • CamLocks


PET Strapping


When it comes to value for money, PET or polyester strapping is the best bet, especially in regard to strong quality strapping. The PET strapping system is also ideal for quick strapping when paired with battery and pneumatic strapping tools. PET break strain is also comparable with that of steel strapping.


Because of friction welding, any two pieces of strap are fused together when using the pneumatic or battery tools for PET strapping. This frees up the end-user from using any clips or buckles when using the PET strapping system.


There is also a manual system available for lower use applications, and these manual tools can be popular for end-users looking to invest in more affordable options. That being said, investing in battery or pneumatic tools may prove more cost-effective in the long run, in terms of tool speed, efficiency, and safety.


Omni-tuff also offers thorough life support for the range of quality battery tools in addition to the sales of tools and strapping. The national service centre is available to assist any customer who may have a question, and tools are serviced and repaired as required by the end-user or as directed by the service schedule.


Polywoven strapping


Polywoven or Woven Polyester strapping is unbeatable for its flexibility – both in its properties and its applications. Its break strain is one of the features that makes this a formidable opponent to other straps. The 19mm h-vis orange strap has a break strain of 1,100kg. Once the phosphated buckle is tensioned to a correct commercial tension, the strap is there to stay.


The Polywoven strap is fastened by hand to start, then a tensioner tool – either manual, battery, or pneumatic – is used to tension the strap correctly. A proof that the correct tension has been achieved is that the prongs of the phosphated buckle clamp down onto the buckle, locking everything in place.


Because of the woven properties of the Polywoven strap, it can be fed around corners or through lashing points and back on itself – that is, it has sideways flex, thus, making it excellent for difficult-to-strap equipment.




CamLock Tidy Straps are the answer when a warehouse operator is looking for a reusable option in the warehouse. One of the issues in a high-speed warehouse is that an operator might take down a pallet, cut the two or three straps on it, then pick one widget from the pallet. They then have to go and find the strapping gear to be able to strap up the goods on the pallet securely. It is generally the safety procedure in most industrial warehouses that goods have to be restrained at height.


Then, say, five minutes later, the operator receives the next picking list which calls for a widget from the same pallet that was drawn from previously. The pallet is brought down with the forklift again, the newly placed straps are cut (and thrown away), the widget is picked, the strapping gear has to be located once more and the pallet strapped for the nth time.


With the introduction of the Omni-tuff CamLock re-usable strap, warehouse operators can save a good amount of time and money by reducing the massive waste generated by strapping, cutting, and re-strapping of pallets. It’s as simple as feeding the strap through the CamLock buckle the first time, then simply using the CamLock lever buckle to loosen and tighten the strap as many times as is needed.

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