At Omni-tuff we design systems to solve the most complex storage and transport challenges.


Omni-tuff's range of Corrosion Inhibiting & UV Stabilised films & bags give you the edge in superior rust & UV protection.


Choose from Omni-tuff's range of cages designed specifically for recycling.


Safely retain products in your warehouse racking.

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Pallets, Bins, Cages & Covers. Whether you require a cost-effective pallet collar, pallet cages, bin, or an engineered stillage, the OMNI-TUFF range will cover your storage solutions needs. There is also an added offering of Dangerous Good Handling and Management.


Gone are the days of there being only steel strapping available for those heavy loads. Now OMNI-TUFF can look after your needs in Polywoven or PET systems. Round packs, irregular packs, heavy loads – speak with the team today.


Are your assets rusting? Is there water damage? OMNI-TUFF 4VAP is a complete system that will minimise this damage. This process includes 1. Seal’n’Peel 2. e-Gel Silica Gel Desiccant & Emitters 3. VCI Paper 4. Long-term Plastics.

About Us

Omni-tuff® Group is an Australian-owned company with a global supply chain. The company specialises in long-term protection and storage solutions for critical spares and equipment. We are passionate about preventing wastage of resources and time. Hence, we continually innovate new solutions to help our customers achieve safer, more effective methods of Retaining, Restraining and Maintaining their assets, whether it be in the warehouse, or out in the field.

Why Choose Omni-Tuff?

Omni-tuff is passionate about preventing wastage. We realise that everyone is strapped for resources in today’s economy. That is why we place importance on ensuring that you:

Store, Strap & Safeguard

… your assets, critical spares and equipment. Once this is achieved within your warehouse, operations or lay-down yard, you can have peace of mind that your precious resources are preserved in the best possible way. Why does using Omni-tuff physically prevent wastage?
We are compulsive about achieving Pallet Racking Compatibility with our Storage methods. Whether it be a hardwood pallet, Pallet Cages or Bunding, we ensure that this happens within your operations. This reduces safety incidents; as having a pallet falling from racking is the last thing you need to interrupt your day-to-day operations.

Download our Free Warehouse Checklist

This was developed in consultation with one of our notable clients, and is a way to conduct internal self-checks of your warehouse safety. Even if you have external audits, it is still a very useful tool.

Our Clients

Our mission is to provide our customers with effective preservation for their critical spares and equipment by supplying quality innovative long-term protection systems.