Omni-tuff Collapsible Plastic Pallet Bin – the good-looking bin

The bright red collapsible plastic pallet bin is so versatile as it features half-fold doors, one on the front and one on the back. They are strong bins to do a tough job! In a matter of seconds the bin can be folded flat to a low profile unit when not in use. Again, toRead more

Benefits of Using Pallet Cages

In handling goods during storage and transport, one needs to have the right materials to efficiently meet the demands of the industry. One of the important thing to have is the pallet cage. Pallet cages would help ensure that goods are secured while they are stored or being transported. Most of the pallet cages thatRead more

How to Choose the Right Pallet Cage

Pallet cages are designed to keep products in place that are difficult to store and transport safely on pallets alone. Its versatility is one of the reasons why it is used in a wide range of industries like warehouses and distribution centers. It provides a quick and effective way of moving or storing goods includingRead more

Omni-tuff offers its Tool Service Centre!

 Omni-tuff has added a new level of offering–the Omni-tuff Tool Service Centre. Omni-tuff has dedicated itself to the full service of its line of customers–making sure that the equipment and tools they purchased remains to be of top quality. Upon receipt of ITA tools, the customers are entitled to a 3-monthly complimentary clean and inspection ofRead more

Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas

During May, Omni-tuff attended the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas to connect with Key Partners and Clients in the Corrosion Control Industry. We also collaborated with our Houston Warehouse Team to improve the quality of our customer service. Omni-tuff also attended Interpack in Germany to connect with Rust-X USA. Rust-X is a recognised CorrosionRead more

Disposable Breathers Omni-tuff

Omni-tuff Exhibiting at MESA Annual Conference QLD

Omni-tuff is exhibiting at the upcoming MESA Annual Conference in Brisbane on 10-12 July 2017. Omni-tuff will be sharing it’s latest breakthrough in the field of transformer breathers: the new disposable breather. Why should I be interested in the Disposable Breather? You will greatly reduce the need for expensive fittings, thereby reducing costs and atRead more


SMART 2017

The Omni-tuff Group joined the Smart Expo, one of Australia’s top supply chain and logistics industry exposition last March 29 and 30 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia. The Omni-tuff Group was able to showcase the benefits of Seal’n’Peel, a rust prevention peelable coating that protects many types of metallic surfaces including theRead more

avalon 2017

Omni-tuff Goes to Avalon 2017 Geelong

Omni-tuff Exhibited at Avalon2017 in Geelong, Australia. This is also known as the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition staged at Avalon Airport, Victoria. Omni-tuff had the opportunity to demonstrate our range of Strapping to a division within the Airforce. This video shows the integral strength of Omni-tuff Strapping. Defence already uses Omni-tuffRead more

Australian Mining Giants place greater emphasis on Preservation

Since the Resources sector has slowed in Australia, companies are being forced to preserve their assets. No longer can funds be wasted. We recognise that in today’s economy, protection of assets is even more pertinent to our customers than ever. Key issues include Corrosion Prevention and Moisture Control for equipment and critical spares. Our MaintainRead more

What is the difference between ITA25 and ITA21 Tools?

ITAs are lithium polymer battery operated plastic strapping tool. This light-weight electric hand strapping tool is suitable for all heavy duty strapping applications. Omni-tuff specialises in two key models of the ITA Strapping Tool: ITA25 & ITA21. You may ask what is the difference between the two ITA Tools? The ITA25 is fully automatic withRead more