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Achieve Chain of Responsibility for Heavy Loads

  Ensuring safety of goods while in transit is a top priority. Polywoven strapping is designed for restraint during  storage and as well as in transport, bundling and supporting products together. What sets Omni-tuff Polywoven Strapping apart from the other products in the market today is the integral strength of its materials used in manufacturing which makes it a…
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Find out why the Omni-tuff™ CamLock Strap is the New Game Changer in Warehouse Safety

CamLocks – a solution to the pain-point in warehouses around having to keep on cutting and re-strapping pallets. We have a massive number of pallets in our warehouse, and we are bound by warehouse procedures to strap every pallet that is on the racking.   Is there such a thing as re-usable strapping? We use PET…
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10 Powerful Facts that Make Omni-tuff Pallet Collars the Leader in Warehouse Storage

Pallet collars A unique value for money proposition, the OMNI-TUFF Pallet Collar gives ultimate flexibility – depending on the creativity of the end-user.     #1 Options in dimensions Whether you need just a single-height collar of 192mm or would like to add a second, third or fourth layer – the pallet collar can be…
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A Cheaper Alternative to Transport Frames

Do you ever have to deal with Timber Pallets that have been crushed by a heavy load? Instead of using a pine or hardwood pallet, where there can be concerns around timber pallets potentially having boards come loose, and thus causing the strapping or restraint system to lose its tension, there are now instances where…
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3 Incredible Pallet Solutions in Exporting Gear Overseas

OK, got it. I have another question: We send gear overseas in shipping containers: what pallets must I use for this application? Good question! Export Pallets #1 First off: 1165mm x 1165mm pallets are a nightmare to fit next to each other in a shipping container. The Australian Standard AS 4068-1993 calls this pallet – Timber pallet…
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9 Reasons Why OMNI-TUFF International Cage is the Best Storage Solution

  Well, multi-functionality is becoming more and more of a demand! And here’s the thing… the OMNI-TUFF International Cage has got the features to make it fit the bill. While a lot of time is given to the storage features of the cage, including aesthetics cage accessibility and product security, OMNI-TUFF invests huge amount of…
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Omni-tuff Supports 2017 Mt. Perry Charity Ball

  Omni-tuff was engaged by Evolution Mining to support the cause of raising funds for youth support and emotional resilience programs. Rural and Youth Suicide is the biggest killer of people under the age of 45 in Australia, and the Wide Bay Region is the 7th highest across Australia.   The objective in 2017 is…
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Pallets, pallets and more pallets

So, what’s all this about Australian Standard equipment in my warehouse? Who sets Australian Standards anyway? I’ve just got some racking that is rusted at the feet – so what do we do now? who could help fix it for us? or do a racking audit? Can I keep using the beams and buy new…
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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Omni-tuff’s Double Cage

  My biggest challenge in our storage facility is the ugly and difficult and irregular shaped equipment. I have a warehouse full of pallets of gear, and I have some steel cages, some engineer rated steel pallets, we have a few hundred timber pallet collars, even some plastic pallet collars…but our big pain point is…
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Omni-tuff is Exhibiting at AIMEX 2017

  To share our continuing focus on storage innovations for the mining industry, Omni-tuff is exhibiting at AIMEX at the Sydney Showgrounds on 29-31 August. As one of the world’s premier mining exhibitions, in 2017 AIMEX will provide the industry with crucial operational efficiencies and cost-savings. Specifically, we are sharing how the use of Rated…
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