Achieve Chain of Responsibility for Heavy Loads


Ensuring safety of goods while in transit is a top priority. Polywoven strapping is designed for restraint during  storage and as well as in transport, bundling and supporting products together. What sets Omni-tuff Polywoven Strapping apart from the other products in the market today is the integral strength of its materials used in manufacturing which makes it a safer alternative to steel strapping. The Polywoven strapping provides optimal operator safety with very low damage to surfaces, strapping any type of shape and size.


The nose tool allows operators to restrain even irregularly-shaped products or goods in conjunction with Omni-tuff CHD/N range of tools, promising maximum safety and strength with a 1100kg Break Strain. A heavy duty Phosphate Buckle is used in strapping and is threaded using the following method:



Omni-tuff Polywoven Strapping is UV Stable, and prevents the rusting issues that are common with Steel Strap.

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